Monday, May 6, 2013

Trapeze School

Have you ever done something you are soooo incredibly afraid of?!  Like, pee-your-pants, can't-imagine-ever, dear-God-please-help-me afraid of?!  That is me with heights.  So, I decided to face that fear and go to TSNY Los Angeles AKA trapeze school!!!

When I arrived for my first class, the AMAZING instructors started by strapping me into my safety belt, and with ground work -  how to hold the bar, how to set up my body to jump, what different "calls" or instructions mean, how to release, etc.  They also let me know expectations for my first class: at the end of the 2 hour class, not only should I be able to back flip out of a knee-hanging trick (don't worry, you'll see it!), but I should also be able to release and catch on to another person swinging (that person being a qualified trapeze teacher, of course!)

I took all the instructions on the ground and was sure once I was up on the platform, I would have it down. I mean, I teach fitness classes after all.  I am smart, strong, quick on my feet.  I can hop, point my toes, and swing in the air - duh!

Well, once I climbed the seemingly never ending ladder to the top of the platform (which is 23 feet high, perceived 28 feet with your own height) panic set in.  Not only were tears falling down my face, but I was trembling so much that I thought my knees would give out.  It didn't matter that I was strapped in to safety lines, and had three amazing coaches letting me know that climbing down the ladder was much harder than taking "just one swing and I would be done" down onto the net.

Nearly ready to vomit and wanting anything to save me from this insane anxiety, I decided on one jump.  With the assistance of Christina, my platform guru, and a few OMf***G hesitations (by a few I mean eight) off I went! Ready, hep, swing! Ready means bend your knees, hep means jump and release!!!

This is me screaming my head off while also feeling a sense of HUGE accomplishment!!! I actually had a great grip, awesome straight legs and pointed toes, and felt on top of the world. The safety net coach let me swing a few times to "get a feel for it" and then I heard "hep" to release.

And I'm freeeeeeee, freeeee fallen!!!

I proceeded to not only climb back up (8 more times!!!), but I nailed the knee hang trick, a back flip release and the catch with the instructor!!

The instructors kept calling me the "come back kid".  I somehow went from petrified to thrilled!

If you are EVER in a city with trapeze school - JUST DO IT! There is nothing like the feeling of freedom and strength that comes with the experience.  I loved it so much, I already bought two more classes and I plan to take Mr. Arotin with me to at least one!

What have you done recently to face your fears?



P.S. This is a video of my first knee hang with back flip!  I didn't get a shot of the catch, but it was amazing!!


  1. Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud OF and FOR you! Fears are not only difficult to face but hard to overcome!!!

    Love you,


  2. I am also so proud! I'm not even afraid of heights but that was certainly scary. Soooo much fun though!