Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Family + Technology

Being from Oklahoma and living in Santa Monica has its challenges, as I am sure any of you who live far from your family can relate too.  It seems sometimes like my heart stays divided in two places. The birth of my cute-as-pie niece, Dylan, has made the distance seem even further than it used too. 

In comes technology to the rescue!  Face timing with her sweet face makes the distance seem a little shorter.  She's nearly ten months now (how did that happen!) and she actually recognizes my voice and my face over the Iphone!  It warms my heart to know that technology will always keep us connected even when I have to wait months for my next visit.

Do you use technology to keep in touch with your distant family?  If not, you should!  Family dates over facetime are the best!


P.S. Please excuse my ridculous face in this picture. I was saying "Dyl-dyl, dyl-dyl" to get her attention. She was having to much fun splish-splashing, so she wouldn't look at me!

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  1. So precious! Made me cry! Love you so very much.... you have such a big, awesome heart!