Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Friday, I'm in Love....

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...with this hilarious onesie!  Did you all know that I am going to auntie awesome again?!  With a BOY this time!  I will glady take the responsibility of ensuring that young Mr. Pride is completely Harry Potter educated.

....with these mugs! Okay, so maybe I am a little bratty loving these because I MADE THEM for Mr. Arotin as an anniversary gift.  I used these mugs and this paint.  Now our coffee mugs are an appropriate size (since I was told constantly that our set of mugs are too small.).

 ..with this AMAZING salsa.  Pioneer Woman, you have wowed me again.

...with my new Tieks! OMG, I am in love. Comfortable, soft, chic. RUN get some.

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...with this SO TRUE quote.

What a week this has been, huh?  My heart is in Oklahoma today and my thoughts and prayers are with Boston.  Sometimes in the midst of stark sadness, we have to create our own sunshine.  We have to be the ones who smile and try to shine positivty towards those who need it most.

Give your loved ones big hugs this weekend and I hope the sun is shining where you are.