Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mint Manicure

I don't usually go rogue when it comes to my nails.  Clean, fresh, light pink...my staple.  Recently, I decided to play with a mint (because I have become obsessed with the color!) and I LOVE it.  Also, notice my hammered gold ring?!  That was my second anniversary gift.  I love the mixed metal look!

Do you play with crazy colors on your nails?  What is your staple?



Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Friday, I'm in Love....

Image Source: http://weheartit.com

...with this hilarious onesie!  Did you all know that I am going to auntie awesome again?!  With a BOY this time!  I will glady take the responsibility of ensuring that young Mr. Pride is completely Harry Potter educated.

....with these mugs! Okay, so maybe I am a little bratty loving these because I MADE THEM for Mr. Arotin as an anniversary gift.  I used these mugs and this paint.  Now our coffee mugs are an appropriate size (since I was told constantly that our set of mugs are too small.).

 ..with this AMAZING salsa.  Pioneer Woman, you have wowed me again.

...with my new Tieks! OMG, I am in love. Comfortable, soft, chic. RUN get some.

Image Source: unknown
...with this SO TRUE quote.

What a week this has been, huh?  My heart is in Oklahoma today and my thoughts and prayers are with Boston.  Sometimes in the midst of stark sadness, we have to create our own sunshine.  We have to be the ones who smile and try to shine positivty towards those who need it most.

Give your loved ones big hugs this weekend and I hope the sun is shining where you are.


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hey Loves!

So, with my new well not really new, but new to you because I have been a blogging slacker awesome role at exhale has come a whole new world of learning.  I am sooo not complaining since learning is one of my favorite things. In fact, one of my favorite things to learn about is skin care! I mean, who doesn't want to beat aging?  Who doesn't want to look young forever?  Who doesn't want to always seem effortlessly beautiful, right?!!

At exhale, we carry a few great lines, but one has REALLLLLY captured my eye recently. It makes my skin glow, makes my heart happy, and is at a great price point.

I love Acti AWESOME! AKA Actifirm.

What makes their line so amazing, you ask?  For starters, they are based in the Dallas area (so close to Oklahoma that it makes my heart happy). They also have a special patent on a mushroom enzyme that makes their Z-Peel and MUST for at home skin care.  I use it three times a week in the shower and Mr. Arotin has actually noticed a difference. (When a man notices, its the REAL DEAL.) Also, for all you mommies out there, its completely safe and awesome for pregnant and nursing women.

Side note: you don't have to hide inside after doing one of their peels! Sun exposure is a-okay after an Acitfirm Z-Peel, so its s great line to carry with you into the summer!

Enough of my take on the product, why don't you try some yourself?  They do a Discovery Kit for $42 including a cleanser, z-peel, serum and booster (their version of moisturizer). Or you can come see me at exhale in Santa Monica to pick one up. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Second Anniversary

After celebrating sixty-licious with my mom, I was on a quick flight back to LA in order to hop into the car with the handsome guy above for our second anniversary trip to Paso Robles and Santa Ynez!  We did a little vow renewal ceremony for our first anniversary, but were WAY to wined-out from our wedding, so we saved a wine tasting trip for year number two.

Our first stop was a wine club member pick up party at Cass Winery!  There was a band playing, a taco truck, awesome wine and a super fun time.  If you are EVER up in Paso you HAVE TO go to Cass - great wines, beautiful space and they have a horseshoe pit! What's not to love?!

Our next stop was Oso Libre.  This is such an amazing place.  They are 100% off the grid and provide all of their own power and water via a windmill, solar panels and an awesome well.  Their reds are amazing and its still family owned and opperated!

Side note! Those awesome pants I am wearing are Lauren Conrad from Kohls! I didn't bring any pants with me to Paso (stupid girl, April is still cold on the Central Coast), so I bought some!  Fun color, awesome fit, great price.  RUN GET SOME.

 Next stop, Justin. AKA red wine mecca. (Side note - we didn't do these all in one day!)

We joined the wine club when we visited, and were whisked away to this chateau for a little members-only tasting.   I mean, seriously?!

This is Mr. Arotin's "I'm wine tasting royalty" face. Ha!

We had some great food in Paso as well.  Our favorites, as always, were Vic's Cafe (think central coast diner with a great wine list and Cowboy Eggs Benedict) and Thomas Hill Organics.  Must goes if you are ever in the area.

On our way down south to Santa Ynez Valley we stopped at the Hearst Castle.  We were the only people within our age range by about 15 years, but the views were worth it.

Our first stop in Santa Ynez was Lafond Winery and Vineyards, the beautiful site of our wedding. Two years ago, we were married right under that arch and olive tree....le sigh..

We picked up a couple of bottles of their Chardonnay - a don't miss for sure!

The last stop on our trip and a HUGE best-kept-white-wine-lovers-secret was Brander. HOLY awesome Sav Blanc. So good, in fact, Mr. Arotin let me join their white wine club! Yippie! Wine club for the wife!

I would say we did great wine tasting (and purchasing!) work on our trip - wouldn't you?!

Mr. Arotin, thank you for an amazing time and two plus years of the best days of my life!


Mrs. Arotin - two years and counting!

Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Back! + Sixty-licious

Its been fffaaaaarrrrr to long since my last post.  New niece, new job, year of the snake (rapid change and transformation year) all probably something to do with it!  I have seriously missed creating and sharing and am stoked to be back with a goal to post three times a week!

It seems appropriate to start with a milestone post (since life milestones were the culprit behind my absence!).

My mom turned 60 yesterday. 60 is a HUGE birthday for most people, but even more special for my mom since she is so sick.  Making it to 60 has been a big goal for her in her journey over the past year, so I had to surprise fly in to celebrate with her - didn't I?!

My sister and I planned a sixty-licious themed party for her and invited all our family to join us.  HOW hilarious is sixty-licious?! I was so obsessed when I saw the banner.

We cooked good ole' Oklahoma country food, and my sister (who BTW is pregnant again with a BOY!!) baked my mom her favorite cake - German Chocolate.

I pride myself on being a great gift giver.  For this celebration, the best gift seemed to be the gift of having the three of us all together.

Doesn't the birthday girl look happy?!  Happy Birthday, MOM! Love you so much!

 I'm sooooo happy to be back.  I literally have a huge smile on my face right now. :)


P.S. Look how big Dylan is!!! Her baby brother is due 8/21! YAY!