Thursday, June 14, 2012

Team Spirit

Image Source: My Blue Seven

The Oklahoma City Thunder didn't exist when I moved from Oklahoma to LA in 2007.  When I moved and would tell people out here that I was from the Tulsa area, most people would respond by telling me about how much they LOVED Arizona (Tulsa = Tuscon for people this far west.)  I would just laugh and say "me too," and go about my business.  I mean, it wasn't my job to give Californians a geography lesson, right?
In the past 2 years, my world has been turned upside down when telling people I am from Oklahoma because now I get a "How about those Thunder?!" Or, "Go OKC!"
Its been interesting to go from unknown to very known (given this highly visible OKC Thunder NBA season), but I have to admit, I love it!
Its fun to have Oklahoma put on the map, and if I know my Okies, the OKC Thunder are getting a the BEST support any professional sports team as ever seen.  Southern hospitality meets die-hard sports fans = every professional sports team's dream.
I saw this shirt on the My Blue Seven instagram feed and just had to share it!  I LOVE the 90s throw back statement mixed in with team spirit!
You know, I read that 48 of the 50 states are rooting for the Thunder?!  I bet you can guess which states aren't. hehehehe...Florida because they know they will lose and Washington because they are jealous!
Who are you rooting for?!  Isn't it refreshing to see a new team in the finals mix?!
Go Thunder!


  1. OKC! It's my favorite city in America!

  2. Did you know that Tulsa now has a WOMAN's professional basketball team?????? Who would've thunk? That female TU coach is one of the assistant coaches for this team. I'm not sure how they are doing.

    Love you!!!!