Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Strawberry Cucumber Hefeweizen

Mr. A has officially blown my mind as it relates to his beer brewing skills.  We popped open a bottle of his most recent Strawberry Cucumber Hefeweizen on Sunday and this beer is by far his best yet.

So good, in fact, that I had to share how he did it.  I won't go into the nitty girtty of beer brewing, but you can find out how to brew here.  One basic tip I will give you (per Mr. A), beer brewing is more about sanitation than anything else. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN as you go.  Easy tip #2, we save Grolsch pop top bottles for his beer brewing to avoid the capping process. Its a pretty genius idea, if you ask me!

Mr. A decided to venture out a little with this brew by cooling his beer post-boil with cucumber water and by adding a strawberry malt extract before bottling the beer.

The cucumber water was made just by adding cucumbers to a gallon or so of water and letting it sit for a few hours before using.  The cucumber adds a nice flavor to the water and thus the beer (since beer is made mostly of water).  We bought our strawberry extract at Culver City Home Brew, but there are tons of other places to find malt extract online  and in beer shops in major cities.

You add the extract after the boil, during the bottling process.

These two simple additions (cucumber water + strawberry extract) added soooo much to the flavor of this beer.  The nose of the beer has NO beer scent at all, it smells 100% like delicious summer strawberries and cucumbers.  The taste is pretty strong for a Hef, but the back end finish is nice and smooth.

Have you tried to brew your own beer?  What kind? !




  1. Yum! That looks really good. I know people who have brewed their own beer but I've never taken a crack at it.


  2. Glad you guys were finally able to try it out! Sounds like Mr. A is quite the brewmaster.

    I just put the 48 bottles of my first Wheat Beer batch into the fridge. Now, just 3 MORE weeks of waiting and we can cheers to homebrewing genius. :)