Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Friday, I'm In Love....With...

Image Source: Lancome

...this mascara primer.

Every day I become more obsessed with lovely Lancome.  I picked up this mascara primer while at a Lancome counter in Chicago last weekend and to say that my eye lash life is changed is a HUGE understatement.  I have very light (pretty much blonde) eyelashes and the texture is similar to my hair (most hair stylists refer to my hair texture as impossible to style), so you can imagine that making my eyelashes "pop" has been a life-long challenge. Not now! One coat of this and two coats of mascara....viola! I am pretty much Kim Kardashian in the eye lash department. 

I read a funny quote involving Kim this week. hehe.

 ...first signs of summer, evening champagne.

I love champagne.  I love champagne in the summer.  I love champagne in the summer at The Shangrila Hotel.  The end.

...the preparations for Dill-Pickle's arrival!

I saw these photos of Baby Dylan's room today and started to cry!  My little sister is 34 weeks and counting!  Dylan will be here sooooooo soon!!!  That means I will officially be Auntie Awesome soooo soooon!

I may or may not have already purchased this for Dylan (a little wow! you are a human in the world present) and this for my sister (a little wow! you worked so hard to bring a human into the world present).

Image Source: Indexed
...this new life diagram.

Isn't it so true?!

YAY!  Its Friday!

I hope you sweat a little, eat a little, play a little, and have fun with those you love this weekend!

If you are in LA, come sweat with me tomorrow @ Exhale @ 910am, 1130am, 1245pm (cardio!) or 4pm!


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