Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

 Happy Monday!

I had a such a busy, whirlwind of a weekend filled with seeing great friends (childhood and college in the same weekend-whew!), celebrating the graduation (with her PhD!) of one of my very best friends, hosting my little sister's baby shower and spending time with family.  This weekend was a true testament to the the saying, "sleep when you're dead," for me.  Hahahaha.

After two straight weekends of travels for family, I have learned that airport bartenders do not judge you for drinking before noon! I had a delicious margarita in early celebration of Cinco de Mayo on Friday @ about 11:15am in Dallas!

 I also learned that Tulsa really is sooooo pretty.  The older I get, the more I appreciate the art deco details the town has to offer and there is really nothing rooftop drinks while taking in the Oklahoma breeze.

I learned that I get my developing green thumb from my momma.  Isn't her herb garden pretty?!

Lastly, I learned that there is nothing quite as pretty as a sweet, pink, backyard baby shower. (That was designed by yours truly!)

I have a whole post full of details about little Dylan's shower planned for tomorrow!  Get excited!!

I will be decompressing this week from all my travels as well as gearing up to start Core Fusion Bootcamp training on Sunday!  Core Fusion cardio, yoga, and sport all rolled into one kick your ass class?!  Yes, please!  Can't wait to be trained!

What are your plans for the week?



  1. That margarita looks so delishious!

  2. Miss you, miss you, miss you!!!!!

  3. Love you Linds and love every time I get to catch one of your blogs. You're simply adorable! ;)