Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tangerine + Mint, Dots + Leopard

I've never been a huge fashionista type, but in the past year I have started to really play with color, pattern, and texture when I shop.  Surprise, surprise...taking the boring out of my wardrobe and shopping experience as made me realize that fashion is really art.  I like art, so I guess now I like fashion too! 

I love that this spring is all about bright colors.  I went on an impromptu shopping spree at Crossroads yesterday (shopping spree @ Crossroads  = spending $60 = AWESOME!) and left with 5 new tops, all in bright hues of tangerine, hot pink, and steamy red! As I was checking out, the cashier said "wow, you must really love color."  I replied, actually I pretty much wear black, beige and white, but thought I would change it up.  What a refreshing change!

When I woke up this morning, I was dying to wear my new tangerine top (Jcrew), so I combined it with a fun polka dot skirt I have (thrifted), leopard wedges (Steve Madden), gold jewelry and mint nails.  I feel casual but chic today and thought I would share my tangerine + mint, dots + leopard inspiration with you!

Tangerine + Mint, Dots + Leopard

I never thought I would have so much playing with color and pattern.  I guess people evolve, right?!

Do you stick with solid colors and simple patterns or mix and match?!  Has your fashion sense evolved as you have grown up?  Have you gone through fashion "stages" of life?!



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