Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Kentucky Derby Meets Cinco de Mayo

The Kentucky Derby meets Cinco de Mayo

Nearly every Oklahoman I know becomes perplexed when asked the question, "so, you're from Oklahoma...that's the Midwest right?"  Yes, the state is located in the middle of the country, but don't you dare call us Midwestern!  The majority of us feel kindred with either the south or southwest. 

You are probably wondering what that has to do with this fashion post, so here goes!

This Saturday is both The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, holidays dearly cherished by those from the South and Southwest.  Since I identify with both cultures, I have been trying to decide what sort of outfit would do the trick for my Derby and Mayo festivities - blending the too ideas together.

Pinks, yellows and mints invoke the feeling of May and Cinco de Mayo, while the lace, pearls and big hat add the polish of The Kentucky Derby!  Wouldn't a pink margarita with basil be the perfect drink to sip blending the mint julep and traditional margarita?!  I think so!  Also, aren't those flowered pearls the perfect blended earring?!  I love them!

Which event will you be celebrating this weekend?  Both?!  I hear the horse to watch this year is a white thoroughbred named Hanson.  I am always a sucker for a beautiful white horse.



P.S. I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, The Kentucy Derby, my best friend's graduation with her PhD and my little sister's baby shower all this weekend!  Ekkkkkk...lots of fun and pictures from Tulsa to come next week.

The Kentucky Derby meets Cinco de Mayo by mrsarotin featuring gucci sunglasses