Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With....

 ....summer fires.
Especially when summer fires  = summer hot dogs and summer smores.

 ...Oklahoman fried pickles.
My heart might be pissed, but my soul is happy when I have fried pickles.  For some reason, they taste best when I eat them in Oklahoma.

So, I realized last night that Keds were the Toms of the 90s.  Am I wrong?!

I found the Keds I am wearing in this picture in my mom's closet.  The white slip on is as chic on my 26 year old self as it was on my 6 year old self.  I haven't been able to pry these off my feet since I slipped them on.

This is the BEST sunscreen on the planet.  Non-greasy, lots of protection, good price.  Sold American.

Happy long weekend, my loves!

I am finally feeling better after my trip back home.  I am looking forward to resting and playing in the sun this weekend. (Wearing a huge hat and lots of sunscreen, of course!)  Also, next week I will be out of town on vacation to see my Dad, and watch Mr. A's sister get married.

Have fun and stay safe from the sun this weekend.  I will try to post some while I am on vacation next week!



  1. I'll take s'mores any day of the week! I ate them like crazy when I was pregnant.


  2. That is the best sunscreen ever! Now, off to eat a s'more. :)