Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

 Happy Monday, lovelies!

Mr. Arotin and I had a great time in *windy* Chicago this weekend while celebrating his sister and her upcoming wedding.

I hadn't been to Chicago in about 15 years (I was 11 back then!), so it was fun to visit and get to experience the more adult (= boozing) parts of the city! Hehe..

So, the first thing I learned this weekend and about Chicago is that the whole "windy city" thing is an understatement.  The wind is blow-your-coat-over-your-head, need-to-hold-your-skirt-down-for-fear-of-looking-like-Marilyn-Monroe gnarly!  And, when its only 40 degrees out (we will get to the temperature in a minute) and the wind is gusting.....holy moly!

Secondly, the sun in Chicago is deceptive!  The first morning I was there, I woke up and saw the gorgeous sunny skies (see above picture taken in The Signature Room in the John Hancock building) and walked outside in shorts and a tank top!  The neighbors starting laughing as they saw me yelp and scurry back inside for pants, an overcoat and scarf!  I mean, it looked 70 and sunny!  Not 38 and sunny!

Next, I learned that Chicago has great beer! The main local beer I noticed in the various restaurants we visited came from Goose Island Beer Company. Their bottled beer labels were BEYOND fancy!!

I love that they have a beer called 312 (the main area code in Chicago)!!  When Mr. Arotin brews his summer beer (which I think will be a strawberry hefeweizen), I am totally calling it the 310 Strawberry Hef!

I also learned that confetti makes every party better!  If you remember our wedding decor, our dance floor was covered in paper confetti.  It was fun to see confetti put to use at Nadine's bridal shower. (Even more fun was attending a shower that I didn't have to plan, host or be stressed out about!)

Last on my list of things I learned is that there is nothing quite like painting a new city red with a group of lovely ladies celebrating love! 

I will be back in Chicago in 5 weeks for Nadine's wedding and plan to do a little more sight seeing and WILL hit up this thrift shop, which is supposed to be unbelievable!

Now, its back to work until Thursday and then heading home to Tulsa for my sister's baby shower....eeeekkkk...on Sunday!

Have a great week!



P.S. How is it already May tomorrow?!

P.S.S How fun is it that Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby are happening the same weekend? 

P.S.S.S If I were hitting the Derby this weekend, I would bring one of these three hats!

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