Monday, April 23, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

Happy Monday, lovelies!

I hope you had a restful weekend filled with all of your favorite things!

So, the first thing I learned this weekend is that Mr. Arotin makes mean homemade beef jerky! (Thus, the random pic above!) Just when I started to think he couldn't get any better, he did.

This batch has a special infused ingredient, ginger!  It is delicious, fat free and isn't salty at all!  A very yummy, protein-filled snack.

Mr. Arotin's Ginger Jerky (modified from the Nesco version):

4 TB soy sauce
4 TB Worcestershire sauce
1 TB tomato sauce
3 TB grated ginger root
1/2 tsp black pepper (more pepper for hotter jerky)
1 TB curry powder (optional)
2 cloves garlic
Marinate the meat for 4 to 6 hours, then drain. Place on trays to dry. Dry until properly dried and chewy, normally 6-12 hours.

Image Source: Google Images
The second (and must fun) thing I learned this weekend to ride our vino by myself!!!!  Eeeeekkk!  I finally got my motorcycle permit a few Mondays back but have been to afraid to take it out.  I finally faced my fears and drove to Exhale Saturday and it was easy breezy and super fun.  Now, its time to Disco Ball my helmet, so I can by stylin while I ride!

We are headed to Chicago on Thursday for my sister-in-law's bridal shower, so its a short week for me, yay!  I wanted to ask you lovelies if you have any recommendations of must-eat restaurants, must-drink bars, or must see and/or do activities?  The last time I was in Chicago I was about 10, so now that I'm a grown up I am hoping for more adult fun!

Let me know your Chi-town thoughts and have a great week!



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