Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

Okay, okay, so this is really a what I learned in the past week post because I was a vacation slacker and didn't keep up with the blog!  I think you all will love what I learned during my much needed anniversary vacation and celebration!

First, I learned that its totally cool to fly a Disney princess kite even if you are 26 or 30 years old.  :)  The above picture is of Mr. Arotin flying our princess kite at the beach on Good Friday.

Next, I learned that renewing vows is just as touching and sweet as reciting them the first time.  Maybe even more touching because the moment is so intimate.  Mr. Arotin and I both became teary eyed as our dear friend Colin spoke to us about continuing our love in our marriage as we said our vows to one another again.  (This picture is just a preview of the BEAUTIFUL work Shannon did for us for our vow renewal ceremony.  More pictures and details of the ceremony will get their own blog post or two.)

More on the anniversary stuff, I learned that if you give your wedding cake enough time to defrost, it is still delicious even after being frozen for a year!  We couldn't believe how yummy our year old wedding cake was! (You get a little sneak peak in the above picture of the table scape I created for our anniversary picnic.  It was sooooo cute!!  You will see more in my post dedicated to our vow renewal, promise!)

For you brides to be or newlyweds pondering saving your cake for this tradition, I would totally do it.  All you need to do it seal the cake in tupperware ASAP after the wedding, then plastic wrap the tupperware to ensure no air gets in.  When its time for your anniversary, just take the cake out of the freezer and put it in the fridge 3 days before you plan to eat it.  Easy, yummy and sweet!

I also learned that people will treat you just as sweetly on an anniversary vacation as they do on your honeymoon.  Champagne, chocolate strawberries, free dessert, you name it!  Just speak the word anniversary and you are WINNNNNING.  People love to support love.

This is a given, but I learned that the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach is ridiculously beautiful.  As is the majority of the California Riviera. 

**Side note to my local SoCalers...if you are ever in Laguna Beach for happy hour RUN to K'ya Bistro Bar.  Holy awesome food and at ridiculously low prices during happy hours.

Another given here, but during our vacation I reaffirmed the fact that there is really NOTHING better than room service breakfast in bed.  Totally worth the inflated price, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Lastly, the only thing I actually learned this weekend is that Mr. Arotin is a true brew master.  I can't wait to taste his impending Chocolate Porter.  My kitchen still smells amazing from his work!

I have a fun DIY invitation post coming up this week and hopefully our vow renewal post!  I'm backkkkkk!

Stay tuned!


L.A. for 1 year and counting :)

** All pictures taken by Lindsey or Christopher Arotin unless otherwise noted.


  1. What an awesome blog! Amazing how much and how often we continue to learn through our life.....

  2. Truly amazing. Let me know next time Chris is brewing! Considering buying my own kit, but would love to check out his skills and get some pointers. :)

  3. Will do! He is planning on making a Strawberry Heff next!