Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Does HOME Mean To You?

When I was walking to my car from Exhale this morning, this strange feeling came over me as I looked up at the palm trees and then out towards the Pacific. I felt very at home.  The scent of salty air, the call of the sea gulls, even the smell of the dew on the grass made me feel cozy.

To me, home is the sum of alot of different things. Having loved ones around, knowing your area like the back of your hand, running into neighbors, friends or just the same people while grocery shopping, having the ability to sorta predict the weather for each month, and even just hearing a sound or smelling a scent that makes you feel nostalgic and/or warm and fuzzy.

I have never thought of California as home.  The smells have always been new and weird, the breeze was never quite as warm as the Oklahoma breeze.  For nearly five years (how did that happen?!!!), I have lived in Southern California, but it has never been home.  However, this morning, I think I realized that has changed.

It got me to wondering, am I abandoning my childhood home by embracing California as a new home?  What does home really mean?  My mom's house?  The house I share with Mr. Arotin?  Main street of my home town?  Can I have multiple places I call home?

Reason # 459 why growing up is super weird.

What does home mean to you?



P.S. Did I mention that someone once told me the following about LA (as in the city, not me).  As a transplant, you either live here 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or you are a lifer.  Am I having some weird 5 year moment?


  1. Home is wherever your heart is..... I absolutely believe it can be anywhere. Home is a feeling, not an address. You are growing older and wiser!

    Love you so very much!!!


  2. Home is where you are the happiest. California is definitely home to me. It holds my dearest friends, my richest memories, my happiest moments. I think part of growing up is realizing that the "home" you've made for yourself is where you identify home, instead of your parent's house. It's a weird feeling, like you said, but I definitely think it's part of the whole "adult" thing. ;-) xoxo

  3. Lauryl, you are so right. I know California misses you. Especially me! xo