Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pops of Gold

Image Source: Pinterest (unknown) :(
I finally have all of my supplies together to upcycle my living room side tables.  They are currently your typical shade of espresso and I am going to make them a brilliant gold!  These rooms all make me super happy because of the color, texture and pattern, but what I am most inspired by are the pops of gold!

My living room is going to be so happy once its infused with some bling!

Don't you love the above gold chair and head statue?!  The statue is sorta random, but AWESOME at the same time!  And how about that ceiling!!

Image Source: Dust Jacket Attic
Loving the golden sun on the wall in the left of this image.  The use of pink and teal aren't bad either!!

Image Source: Sketch 4 2
The gold trim on the settee and gold stripes on the rug add a bit of chic to this otherwise quite girlie-playful room.
Image Source: Adore Cherie
Designer: Sarah Richardson
I LOVE SARAH RICHARDSON.  Okay, now that I have shouted that to the world... the gold legs on the accent table and light fixture paired with yellow?!  Eeeeekkkk, I die.

Image Source: Google Images
Mr. Arotin and I are contemplating painting our front door.  (You know the truth, I am contemplating it and he has no choice...hehehe!!) I love this blue door and gold anchor!

Which room is your favorite?!  Do you embrace pops of random in your home design or stick with a simple scheme?




  1. I love the blue door with the anchor knocker!

    1. Me too! Talking my husband into painting the door blue and installing an anchor knocker is proving to be quite the task, but I am a diligent person. :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Come back and visit.