Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With...

 ...evening daffodils.
This picture makes me so happy because a) it was taken around 6:30pm and the sun was still out! and b) it includes Daffodils.  Its soooo springy it makes me smile!  Also, those daffodils were given to me by a guest at Exhale last week.  She said I remind her of a daffodil, so she brought them to me!  How sweet, right?! 

Image Source: Kate Spade
...this ADORABLE dish set. 
I stumbled up Kate's fabulous dishware this week and I just LOVE this polka dot plate!  Eeeekkkk.  Just the right about of girly goodness for summer, don't you think?!  I also love these!  Perfect for one of my favorite drinks of the summer (gin and tonic!!).

Image Source: The Hat Box
....this BEAUTIFUL sun hat.
This hat was hand made at an awesome hat store in Laguna Beach.  Mr. Arotin and I stumbled upon it while strolling through the town last week.  I spied the above hat in the window and had to pop in!  I tend to have caviar taste (with a shrimp cocktail budget), so of course my favorite hat was the one above $300. Wah wah. I ended up purchasing a similar hat in plain straw with a leopard sash as my consolation prize. 

With the Kentucky derby coming up next weekend, this hat just made me wonder if any of you lovelies are celebrating?!  Don't you just love an excuse to wear a big, beautiful, (maybe slightly ridiculous) hat?!  I know I do!!

Image Source: This Blog Is For Women
...this quote.
Sometimes you have to fall apart to become a better you, right?  This quote inspires me to fear nothing. 

What are your plans this weekend?  Having fun outdoors?  Starting or tending your garden?  I will be teaching lots this weekend and maybe painting (trying to finally finish our kitchen renovation).

Whatever you do, I hope you make some time for YOU and those you love!


P.S. I got the BEST FACIAL EVER yesterday from Sula @ Exhale Spa in Santa Monica.  If you are in Socal and are in need of a facial RUN there ASAP!

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