Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dream Car(s)

Image Source: Flickriver
I've always envisioned "the good life" as having the luxury of a weekend car.  You know, the one you only drive on Sundays that is consistently kept in mint condition. 

As I daydream, I always come back to the Porche 356 Roadster. I think the Roadster pictured above is a late 50s-early-60s model. So dreamy James Dean.  

I see myself driving down the PCH (or maybe a windy road in the South of France...dreaming big here!) with a scarf tied around my hair, brilliantly huge tortoise sunglasses, and fabulous pink lips.

Image Source: Auto Cars Review
I think a closer reality car, however, maybe be this cutey mini roadster that was released just this year.

Do you have a favorite weekend car?  A dream car, perhaps?  What do you think about the new mini?!  I find it to be so dahhhling, dahling. :)



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