Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Invitations

I have a true love for invitations. 

I love to receive them, I love to shop for them, but what I love most is making them.  I handmade our wedding invitations (shown above) and although lots of work went into making them, the resulting beauty and personal touch were worth all the effort.

When I found out my little sister was going to have a baby, the first thing I started to think of (after pondering the sex, possible name, and the awesomeness of being an Aunt, of course) was how I would design her baby shower invitations.

Until we knew she was having a little girl, I was set on sending out invites shaped as bow-ties (baby boy theme).  Upon learning that she was in fact having a sweet baby girl, I decided that the best theme for her invites and shower would be a sweet theme with a sweet bar.

Making her shower invitations didn't take the whooping 30 hours that my wedding invitations took (thank God!).  In fact,  I made all 50 invitations in about 5 hours.  I thought I would share this little invitation tutorial with you because they were easy to make and super cute.

Supplies Needed:

50 A6 flat cards (via Papersource in Luxury White)
50 A6 envelopes (via Papersource in Luxury White)
Lollipop, ice cream cone, cupcake stamps (sourced from Etsy and Papersource)
Ink Pads in shades of pink and coral (via Papersource)
Paper in shades of pink and coral (via Papersource)
Envelope lining template in A6 (via Papersource)
Paper Cutter

The first step I took in making these invitations was to trace out the envelope liners in various shades of pink.  Side Note!! If you are into paper, stationary and/or invitations RUN by a pack of envelope liners ASAP because they are fantastic and really dress up the envelope.

The logical next step I took was cutting out the liners.

You will see that I didn't trace the entire liner.  I do this to save paper because I don't see the point in lining the entire envelope when people only see the top 3 inches.

Next came gluing the liners to the envelope.

Isn't it amazing how much pop the envelope liner adds to the feel of the invitation

After I had the envelopes done I started working on the contents of the invitation. 

The first content piece I produced were informational inserts.  I printed these using my home printer in pink ink, then used a paper cutter to make clean lines when I cut them.  I love using inserts as a way to provide registry information, dress code, special requests, etc.  because it doesn't invade on the actual invite and it gives everyone something else to look at!

Next, I printed the actual invitations in pink ink, again using my own computer, and then I stamped them! The stamping was my favorite part. :)

Isn't it crazy how simple stamps add such a personal, sweet touch.  So easy!

Here is a sample of the final invitation (minus the bonsai tree stamps I added to the front)!!

Trace, cut, glue, print, stamp, stuff.  Easy + pretty = awesome!!



P.S. If you have any questions or need any help making invitations of your own, feel free to email me!


  1. I love invitations too! You should check out the store Sugar Paper at the Brentwood Country Mart. They have the cutest cards and stationary.


  2. Lauren, I will totally check it out! I love a good paper store. Chris says I should become a stock holder in Papersource....too bad they are privately held. haha.