Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Showering Gifting

Image Source: Babyzone
Lovelies, I have a confession to make.  Although I am hosting my sister's upcoming baby shower, I have actually never been to a baby shower!

I have quite a few mommy friends, but for one reason or another I have never been to a shower.

I bring this up because I need to purchase a gift for my sis's shower soon and I am totally lost as to what a new mommy truly would love to open on her shower day.  Not one to give wah-wah gifts (in fact, I pride myself of being the show stopper of gift givers), I thought I would ask for help!

I was thinking I would give a gift for the nursery / little girl's room.  Something that the baby won't grow out of too quickly, that is beautiful, and maybe slightly sentimental.  But, I'm wondering, am I over thinking it?  Does she really just need a truck load of diapers, burp rags, and the base to a car seat?

I'm at a loss!  Help!



P.S. Why do I know how to plan a baby shower, but I don't know which gift to buy?  Skewed priorities over here...ha!


  1. Hey lady! A cute idea I always love it a bunch of little things, socks, diapers bibs hats etc.. all diaper pinned to a clothes line about 4-5 feet long with a tag that says 'pull me' then put that in a hamper or cute baby bath, then the mommy to be pulls the tag and a trail of gifts comes out. I have done this for a few friends and it's always a fun one:)

  2. Helen! Love it! Thank you so much! :)