Monday, March 19, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

Happy Monday!  I hope it is beautiful and getting warm where you are this week!

Mr. Arotin was out of town for a bachelor party this weekend, so I spent time with great friends eating great food, talking, crafting and spa-ing.  GREAT girlie weekend.

First on the list of things I learned this weekend is that Snake Bites are delicious when made at home, but its really hard to get the drink seperation seen at a bar.  I tried everything (slow pouring, using a spoon, etc.) and my cider and Guinness mixed together from the start.  They still tasted delcious, so at least I had that!  Any tips on how to get the Snake Bite to stay seperated?!

Secondly, I learned that even kitties can leave you with the "terrible two" feeling.  Miles turned 2 on St. Patrick's Day and I could not for the life of me get him to look at the camera for a birthday picture.  When he finally looked, he had the above pissed face on!  Like, "why are you embarrassing me, Mom?!"  At age two, he is still rowdy like a kitten, but with the swagger of teenage cat.  I think I have a rough kitty year ahead.  Good thing my spray bottle works well. :)

Next, I learned that no matter what I order at Papa Cristos, its delicious.  Oh, oh and, I love Greek beer.
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I headed to my favortie Korean Spa on Sunday for a body scrub and massage.  My skin feels great today!  At the end of the treatment, they put mashed cucumbers on my face and I learned new benefits of cucumbers from the experience.

I always knew that the Silica in cucumbers was a good treatment for puffy, dark circles around your eyes, but did you also know that the Silica helps produce bone collagen and calcium, which helps us retain moisture in our skin?!  This helps strengethen our connective tissue which leads to anti-aging effects.  More, its great to use on sunburns and just as a hydration tool for dry skin.

I had no idea what mashing up a little cucumber could do for my face!

With Spring and Summer coming quickly, here is my first reminder to you all to wear your SPF EVERY DAY, find a large brimmed sunhat, and stay out of those UV rays.  Tanned skinned isn't cool anymore, anyway!

Stay young, stay out of the sun.

Last on the list of things I learned this weekend is that Mr. Arotin is hilarious.  This was his 80s ski themed outfit for the Saturday night poker tournament during the bachelor weekend.  That afro wig really pulls the look together, don't you think?! haha.

Have a great week!



 - All pictures by Lindsey Arotin or Christopher Arotin, unless otherwise noted

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  1. Great blog! I remember meeting a guy that looked just like Chris! :) hehehehehe