Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

With my first wedding anniversary approaching quickly (less than 3 weeks!), Mr. Arotin has started to probe about what I might like as a gift.  Thus, the anniversary gift list that I loathe and know was invented by a man to get out of having to buy nice things once a year infamous traditional anniversary gift list has come into conversation.  He wants to stick with this list, I don't.  (Maybe I should say, I didn't.  Because, in true Virgo-hyper-planner form I decided on and purchased his anniversary surprise months ago.)

Sticking to this list has never made sense to me, for me.  I am not a traditional person.  We did not have a traditional wedding.  And, as icing on the cake, who the hell wants to fear that there is even a remote possibility that they may receive sugar as a 6th anniversary gift or appliances as a 4th anniversary gift?!  I mean those gifts are basically saying "Honey, we are out of sugar or the dishwasher is broken, but don't you worry our anniversary is coming up and we can use it as an excuse to get some / fix it."  Puke + shank = slow death.

I have seen a few cute ways to incorporate the traditional paper gift into an actual awesome first anniversary gift.  But, in general, I am guessing that no woman wants paper or a clock on their first anniversary or a "desk set" on their 7th anniversary.  I mean, really list maker?!  We make it through the 7 year itch and get a desk set?!

Anyway, I thought I would bring these questions forth to you all:  Am I the only woman who thinks this list (and the obviously male list maker) is not only out-of-date, but totally out of wack?!  More importantly, am I the only woman that thinks waiting 10 YEARS to receive diamond jewelry is crazy?!  Have you stuck to / will you stick to this list?  What do you think, lovelies?!




  1. Hilarious!!!!! Well said, Lindsey! I agree.... must have been created by a man. However.... use your creative juices.... Let me see.... Paper could be some sort of book or nice stationary; Cotton could be perhaps a gift card to your favorite clothing store to BUY COTTON CLOTHES!!!!

    Just saying.......

  2. Rawr! It may be true that this list states some hilarious ideas. But the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I, personally am going to stick with the US traditional and just get creative.

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