Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snake Bite

Image Source: LA Times
With St. Patty's day approaching on Saturday (and Mr. Arotin out of town at a bachelor party in Park City), I have been trying to think of a fun menu for a Saturday night slumber party I am having with a girlfriend who is also being left by her love for a bachelor weekend.

The food menu is still in flux, but the drink of choice has been decided: Snake bites! Yum!

This recipe is super easy.

1 pint glass (true, UK style)
1 bottle Guinness
1 bottle Hard Cider

Chill your glass, then pour in the cider.  Guinness comes next.  Be sure to pour slow so that you have a light foam top.  Its pretty (like color blocking! kinda.  I love when all my favorites combine.) and tasty!  My favorite part of this drink is the spot where the Guinness and cider combine.  Lip-smakin' delicious.

What are you doing, making, drinking on St. Patty's Day?!



P.S. If you feel like getting your sweat on before you party, my Exhale schedule has changed and I will now be teaching 11:30am Core Fusion Barre and 12:45pm Core Fusion Cardio on Saturdays! Come play!

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