Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plan A

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Until I was about 19, I just knew that I was meant to be President of the United States of America. I wore a t shirt very similar to this until it was literally full of holes and didn't fit anymore.  Kids can be funny, right?!

Now, the idea of being in the public eye, with that amount of life stress just makes me tired. 

Sometimes I struggle with letting go of my childhood ambitions and reaching towards what I want today - a healthy life, life-long and very loving marriage, the chance to change the world by helping people one day at a time, to own my own business.

This quote inspired me and reaffirmed that its totally okay that I wasn't a political science major, that I didn't go to law school, and that I won't (most likely, anyway..heheh) be the first female United States President. You know what else I love about this quote?!!!  If the track I am currently on doesn't work out, I still have 24 more letters and plans to choose from! :)

What plan are you on lovelies?  Do you love that fact that life ebbs, bends and changes?  What were your childhood ambitions?  Are you living them?  Did they totally change?!

Have a wonderful Thursday!



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  1. Oh my..... seems I wasn't the only one a little melancholy today..... reminiscing about my daughters as little girls.

    Love you bunches!

    P.S. Goodness knows, I have been through the alphabet!