Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday, I'm In Love....With... finally finished menu board! 

Lovelies, its finally done!  I made the chalkboard part of the menu board months ago, but I finally completed the project by building and painting its frame.  Yes, you read that right, I built the frame, myself!  I used this tutorial as a guideline and with the help of a mitre box, viola! 

Image Source: Glitter Guide
 ...natural glam makeup.

With our first anniversary coming up (nearly 2 weeks away, eeeeekkk!), I have been looking for the perfect makeup to compliment the gorgeous olive dress I will be wearing for our vow renewal.  The olive leads to a very natural look and I think this makeup style is just glam enough for a special event, but also very natural.  What do you think?  P.S. The dress is AAAAAmazing and I can't wait for you to see pictures!! (Which will be taken by lovely Shannon of Shannon Lee Images.)

...sewing projects to come!! 

I have decided that it is finally time for me to travel in my mother's foot steps and take up sewing.  I have come so far in my domesticity in this first year of marriage (this was my first grand crafting accomplishment), that sewing seems to be the natural next step.  The above picture shows three alteration projects I will start with and I have already printed this pattern as my first fully Lindsey Arotin made piece.  I am sooooo excited!  Something about Spring makes me want to craft day and night.

Image Source: Oh So Pretty Diaries
....this easy up-do hair tutorial!

Sorry for all the anniversary talk, but its on my mind.  How easy, natural and cute is this look?  I think I can totally create it!  I also loooovee this, but I have a feeling it looks much easier than it actually will be to pull off!

Happy freaking first weekend of Spring, lovelies!!!  Big plans?  How is the weather?  Will you be heading outdoors?!  I will be teaching lots on Saturday and Sunday is going to be a full day of projects.  One of which I am sooooo excited to share with you next week!

Have such a fun weekend.  Eat yummy food, hug those you love and try to sweat some, too!



-all images taken by Lindsey or Christopher Arotin unless otherwise noted.

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