Tuesday, March 6, 2012

House Guests

Image Source: CB2
Lovelies, some weeks are for preparing for and entertaining house guests and not so much for blogging.  This is one of those weeks for me!

My little sister and new brother-in-law are coming in town tomorrow for a five day visit.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  We are going to talk about baby shower ideas, take a few gender reveal pictures (yes, I already know the sex!!!), and just spend some good ole fashioned down time together.

Anyway, sorry if I am light on posting this week!  Next week will be full of fun stuff!



P.S. I purchased the carafe above to hold water for guests by their bedside.  I love how the little glass fits perfectly on top to keep out dust (and kitty paws!).

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  1. Have an awesome time with your sister!!!!! There is nothing like sharing quality time with a sister! I am envious but grateful that you get to spend this time together. Be safe and have much fun!!!

    Love all five (gotta count baby now)of you bunches and bunches!!!