Monday, March 26, 2012

EXCITING NEWS!!! + What I Learned This Weekend!

Happy Monday, lovelies!  I am soooo excited to share my news with you all today!   (No mom, I am not pregnant.hehe.)

I FINALLY launched my Etsy shop!  You can visit my shop here!  I am specializing in upcycling furniture and selling unique and vintage home goods.  When I blog about DIY projects, I will then make many of my projects available on my shop for you to purchase!  Ekkkk! 

When I started Love, L.A. last June, launching a correlating Etsy shop was always part of the plan.  With my Exhale training and general life craziness, it has taken some time for the dream to come into fruition, but today is that day!

 Now, on to things I learned this weekend.  This cheap American Lager, Port Republic, is yummy.  Its like PBR, but with a little more flavor.  The perfect drinking game beer.  (That was foreshadowing to the next thing I learned.)

I also learned that making Trivial Puuuursuit (purr because Miles really liked to lay on the board while we played) a drinking game is hilarious.  Chris and I played for about 2 hours and each of us only got 3 right.  I wonder why?!

           Image Source: Nina Leen. St. Louis, Missouri, USA, April 1957.                   
I'm sad to say that I learned on Saturday that I am probably the worst bowler on Earth.  I haven't gone bowling in years, but I didn't remember being so horrible! I was totally the girl that made people duck when I walked up to grab my ball.  And, the people in the lanes on either side of me also backed up as I started taking my steps towards my ball launch.  wah wah.

Last on the list is I learned how to correctly poach an egg and that Mr. Arotin can make a MEAN hollandaise sauce.  Just another thing I love about him.

Have a great week and visit my Etsy shop!!



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