Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend

Happy Monday, lovelies!

First on the list of fun things I learned this weekend is that I am super ready for spring and my fashion sense shows it! While strolling through Wasteland yesterday, the only dresses I picked up were floral, patterned, and brightly colored.  SUPER unusual for me (I am a solids girl) and proof that I am craving delicious spring colors and patterns. 

Next, I learned that I will never take sun and palm trees in February for granted.  Never.

One of the most fun / delicious things I learned is that chocolate infused cheese is AMAZING.  Run buy some now!!

Last on my list is simple.  I learned that drinking coffee from a sentimental cup makes the drinking experience that much better. Good job, Starbucks! P.S. Have you tried their new Blonde Roast?!  It may very well be my favorite roast of all time. No lie.

What are your Vday plans this week?!  Big dinners?  Date night?  Staying in and dancing in the living room like Mr. Arotin and I plan to do?!



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