Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration

Image Source: Soaptopia
Mr. Arotin and I have opted to pass on Valentine's Day gift giving this year. We have a few big events coming up (his sister is getting married in June, we are becoming Aunt and Uncle AWESOME in July, and we are planning a trip to Argentina to ring in 2013!!), so we have opted to save the money on gifts for the other fun things we have going on.

However, this does not mean that I can't day dream about Valentine's Day gifts I would like to receive, right?!  And, maybe give you a little inspiration too! 

First on my gift wish list is this awesome soap, scrub, and lotion box from Soaptopia.  Is there anything more luscious and awesome than a hot soak with the one you love on Valentine's Day?  I don't think so!  AND! Soaptopia is Junk FREE, meaning their products aren't made from car engines or anything else toxic.  Double score.

Image Source: Tiffany & Co

I have been coveting this charm for my charm bracelet for literally 2 or 3 years.  Its so darling and sweet. Don't you think?!  Can't knock a girl for dreaming of jewelry for VDay.

Image Source: Kate Spade

This sun hat = I. DIE.

Black and white striped, check. Bow, check. Wrinkle-causing-sun-blocker, check.  Adorable and chic vintage look, check.  Winnnnnning! On so many levels.

I also love these (can you guess why?!) and this.

Image Source: Kate's Paperie
Give a girl the right card and she will give you her heart.  Done and done.

Image Source: Justin Vineyards & Wines
Just had to throw in a weekend getaway to JustINN at Justin Vineyards and Wines.  Check it out!!

Image Source: Hanky Panky
Retro fitted lace nightie in red from Hanky Panky, eeeeeeeekkk!!! This is lingerie that hugs her just how he likes and makes her feel like 1,000,000 bucks, too!

Image Source: Toms
Leopard printed ballet flats from Toms!  I finally have a reason to buy one and give one and not compromise my style! Boom!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Mr. Arotin, if you read this, you are welcome to break our no gifting pact and buy anything off of this list!  Just saying!! :)


  1. Too cute! And, awesome as usual! $275 shoes? Oh my!

  2. Those shoes are on for $75. That's not too bad! and yes my love. I'll pick one of the above to get you (most likely the card). :)