Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Potato Gnocchi

Mr. Arotin often orders whatever gnocchi is available on the menu when we are out at Italian restaurants.  Until recently, I never understood why.  Potato pasta just always seemed like it would be sorta bland to me, in comparison to sun-dried tomato, spinach, or other pasta possibilities I could order.

A few months ago, he decided to try to make gnocchi at home.  I was forced to try it (since he put so much work into dinner) and guess what?! It's yummy!  Not too time consuming either, from start to finish it takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.  Not bad for delicious homemade pasta!

We follow this recipe to make our gnocchi.

 My favorite part of the gnocchi-making process is playing with the dough!

Eating the finished product is pretty fun too!

We topped our gnocchi with Mr. Arotin's Godfather Sauce and paired it with a Cass Winey Rockin One Blanc blend of Viognier, Marsanne and Rousanne.  The Rockin One Blanc is big enough for red wine lovers and perfect with pasta. (We joined Cass on our trip to Paso Robles for Chris's 30th birthday! Such a fun winery!!)



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  1. I so LOVE that Chris always takes such an active roll in the kitchen!!! Going to try this recipe!