Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Journal

Mr. Arotin and I spent President's Day on an afternoon date!  I am usually so busy teaching that we rarely get to have afternoon dates over the weekend.  We spent the afternoon shopping, stopped at one of our favorite pubs, and picked up a journal. 

We plan to use this journal as a way to share sweet love notes, things we would like to do together (some blush-worthy, some silly, some fun), most importantly, as a creative way to encourage and reaffirm our love for one another.

Being married nearly a year (YIPPIE!) still pins us in the newlywed department, but I think its always a good idea to shake things up and be creative with love to keep it fresh.  Don't you agree?!

Chris has already made his first entry into the journal.  I can't wait to make mine!

In what creative ways do you keep your love fresh?  Do you like the journal idea?!

Happy Wednesday!



P.S. I found journal inspiration here!

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