Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Sister's Wedding - Mr. & Mrs. Pride

As most of you know, I was in Oklahoma two weekends ago.  What you might not know, is that I was there because my little sister got married!!

The Long sisters are now the Arotin & Pride sisters.  A little weird, but wonderful too.

Toni and Mark opted to do a semi-elopement (just immediate family as guests) instead of having a big hoopla wedding. They are two smart cookies, if you ask me!

They are both super stylish, so together (with the help of yours truly), their wedding was chic, classic, and beautiful.  Starting with the dress above - so adorable, right?!

 Toni is an esthetician, so her makeup was flawless to say the least.

Here is the handsome groom, Mark.  P.S. !!!!  It's so cool to have a brother-in-law!

I caught Toni gazing at Mark as we were driving to the courthouse.  The love in her eyes in this shot says it all.

 Darling couple headed to be hitched!

They were both a little sick of the camera at this point, but I thought the elevator looked super cool and Mark's stare at Toni is pretty precious, no?!

The judge thought they were so adorable that a tear actually fell from his eye during the ceremony.  Isn't that so sweet?!  P.S. I designed the bouquet Toni is holding.  It cost $20 and took 20 minutes.  I have a DIY bouquet post to come - don't worry!

I loooooooove this shot.  I caught it on a whim just after the ceremony.  There is NOTHING on the planet like the look of just wedded bliss!!!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Pride.

I love you so much.




  1. Wonderful, wonderful!!! Talk about weird...... all these years with only GIRLS and now I have two sons-in-law!!!!! Now I will have boy help! YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Love you both so very much! Mom

  2. the elevator picture is so cute. they are adorable together!

  3. Sobrina, they really are adorable! Thank you so much for stopping by!!