Thursday, February 16, 2012

Money Lovin' Discount!

Image Source: Learnvest
Today's discount is from Learnvest, probably the COOLEST personal finance and lifestyle website for women, ever! The mission of the company is "to empower women everywhere to take control of their personal finances so that they can afford their dreams."  Now, isn't this a company you want to spend a little more time with?!  I thought so!

There are three things I want to highlight about Learnvest before we get to the discount!

1) You can become a member of Leanvest for free! Think access to budgeting tools, a well-written and clever daily email tip - a great start on the journey towards a well financially-planned life!

2) With tax season upon us, you should totally check out their Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp.  It comes free with your free membership and will help you complete your taxes (sans-headache) in five days! That's what I call....WINNING!!! (They also have a bunch of other super fun bootcamps that come as part of your free membership - Cut Your Costs, Baby on Board, and Get out of Debt, to name a few!)

3) Here comes the discount part!

Learnvest if offering Love, L.A. reader's a 15% discount on the following three paid plans. (These are plans that actually assign you a personal financial planner to help you on your money-lovin' way!  Don't you feel fancy already?!!)

Here is a little bit about the new plans:

Level 1 is the Budgeting Plan. This helps members set up a realistic budget and make tangible progress on their individual financial situations.

Level 2 is the Core Financial Plan. This plan is designed to help members establish a strong financial foundation. Members receive a custom financial plan that outlines their top priorities and how to achieve them.

Level 3 is the Complete Financial Plan. This plan is for members looking to take charge of their financial goals and really plan for the next five years.

Every paid plan also includes access to interactive online courses to help you learn in-depth financial topics like the fundamentals of investing and retiring in style!!

Now that you are all super pumped to run right over to become a Learnvest member, take this discount code with you for use at checkout: LVPLAN_SKP.



P.S. Big thanks to Stephany Kirkpatrick over at Learnvest for offering this awesome discount! xoxoxo

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