Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming Auntie Awesome!

Lovelies, I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you today! Did you guess already?!  I am going to be an Aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little sister, who you may remember from my post about her AWESOME wedding last week, is going to be a mommy! Wowzers!  The little guy or gal is due in July.  P.S. I think he is a boy, but Toni and Mark don't find out for another month.

If I can be totally honest, I never really got the whole baby excitement thing.  Like, why do people ooohhhh and ahhhhhh about little hairless, crying, pooping machines?!  I mean, really?  But, now that I am going to be the aunt of one of those hairless, crying, pooping machines, I totally get it!  There is something so special and magical about the creation of human life. And, I will admit, I am pumped to squeeze little baby cheeks and get baby hugs.

Although I am not creating a new series dedicated to the baby (that might be super weird crazy aunt bonkers obsessive a little over the top), I will be posting from time to time about baby stuff that I find cool!

To start, I bought my little nephew (let's just say he's a boy until we know for sure!) Sophie the Giraffe for Valentine's Day.  I mean, I know he won't get to enjoy it until next Valentine's Day, but its the thought that counts right?  Not the timing?

Anyway, apparently this Giraffe is like the bee's knees of baby stuff - awesome for teething purposes, developing sensory skills, (something about the spots, scent, taste and squeaky sound make it great) and a first friend for a baby!  Also, Toni is designing the nursery in a Where The Wild Things Are theme, so Sophie will fit right in.  I will most definitely be posting on the development of the nursery.  Isn't that such a fun idea?!!

Have you heard of Sophie the Giraffe?  Thoughts about it?  Are you an Aunt?  Is it awesome?!!

I am so excited I can't stand it!


Auntie Awesome

P.S. Chris and I are going to be called Aunt and Uncle Awesome.
P.S.S. I bought this bib already and I'm obsessing over this.


  1. B Jr loves his Sophie something fierce!

  2. So, the lady at the store wasn't just trying to sell me?! Babies really love her?! Yippie! B Jr is a straight up doll, btw!

  3. This post made a "first-time" grandmother cry!! I simply cannot wait to spoil another child!

  4. I just met one of my best friend's babies and he is ALL OVER his Sophie all the time. so yeah, good choice.

  5. i buy Sophie for everyone. babies hear that squeak and immediately start slobbering.