Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend - Unexpected Succulents

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!  For whatever reason, the past few weeks I have been unable to get it together for Monday posts.  I will try harder next week!

So, the coolest new thing I learned this weekend is that succulents hanging in unexpected places are pretty awesome!

I spent this weekend doing a little new year feng shui work on our home.  Chris surprised me with a super awesome hanging vase last week (I was having a rough few days and he thought the vase would cheer me up - isn't he awesome?!), so I decided to put it to use in my bathroom because per my feng shui house layout, I need a live plant in there.  Remember my hanging vase obsession from this post?!

I chose a low maintenance succulent for the vase since its in my bathroom and I need a ladder to water it.  Also, I read in a interior design magazine that every room should have something unexpected in it.  I think a succulent in a hanging vase covers that concept for the bathroom. Don't you?!

Fun posts coming up for the rest of the week!

Check back!



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