Monday, January 9, 2012

What I Learned This Weekend - Pioneer Pizza, Wine, Country Breakfast, and a Simple Resolution

Happy New Year, lovelies!  I am back and super excited for this year.  Its going to full of positive events and energy, I just feel it!

So, the things I learned this weekend are really things I learned over my two week hiatus from blogging.  We had Chris's family in town for the Christmas holiday and then headed up to Paso Robles to celebrate Chris's 30th birthday! (I am now married to a sexy dude in his thirties and am super pumped about that!)

First on the list of things I learned is that Potato Leek pizza is so delicious, its criminal!!  I know its sounds weird, but potatoes and leeks soaked in bacon grease plus bacon and goat cheese totally makes it heavenly!!!  I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  My lovely little sister got the cookbook for me for Christmas and I am so in love.  I think partly because the author is from Oklahoma, moved to LA, and then moved back to Oklahoma and partly because she started out blogging!  Inspiration, much?!  Check it out!

Second on my list of things I learned is that it's impossible to go on a wine tasting vacation and come home with any room in your trunk!

Chris and I had such a blast in Paso Robles.

Here are my two favorite places from the trip, in case you may be planning a visit yourself: Thomas Hill Organics - go here on a Monday for Supper.  You will thank me.  Cass Winery - winery with an outdoor tasting bar, horseshoe pit and gourmet chef on staff.  Yes, please.  You will double thank me on this one.

I also learned about a new type of grape / wine up in Paso.  Its called Roussanne.  Chris and I must have purchased at least six bottles of this delectable treat!  Run find some now!! (Everyone up there referred to it as the white wine for red wine lovers. I just thought it was fabulous!)

Okay, this Cowboy Benedict dish might be my favorite thing I learned / ate over my break.  Read it and replicate.  You might need a heart resuscitator after you finish, but its worth it.  :)

Last, but certainly not least, on my list of things I learned this weekend is that you don't need a fancy or complicated new year's resolution.  After much thought, I have decided that my new year's resolution is to live in the moment.  Simple sounding, much harder to actualize.

Can't wait to be back tomorrow and for all the fun projects, recipes and adventures in store for Love, L.A. in 2012!



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  1. I missed your blog and, as usual, you made up for the absence!!!!