Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuscan, Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens
Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I have some super exciting news to share...we are renovating our kitchen!  And, not to fear!, I will be sharing the project from start to finish!

Currently, our kitchen is enclosed from the rest of the house (super pretty hidden door and all).  We were inspired to open it up via having two windows installed after a party we hosted in October. The openings will give me more counter space for entertaining and make our bungalow appear a little bigger too! Yippie!

With the walls opening up, we also have the opportunity to repaint, and I am so excited!  I have been trying to channel a Tuscan, Italian kitchen since we moved in, but have sorta failed since my walls are currently a muted green.  I think switching up the paint to a sunflower, buttery yellow will solve the problem. 

I have one question I would like to ask you all too!  We will have trim around our openings and unfortunately the trim can't perfectly match the wood stain of the other trim in our kitchen and dining area.  My question is, if you were me, would you go with a simple white trim, or make the new trim interesting?  I was thinking maybe true blue?!  What do you think?!

I can't wait to post pictures of our kitchen pre and post renovation!

The work will commence the weekend of January 20th! (I will actually be out of town that weekend, so I am relying on Mr. Arotin to take pictures for me.)

Let me know your thoughts on the kitchen and the new trim!




  1. I lived in a tiny bungalow for years and loved it's charm and made good use of it's small space by adding shelving were possible and put up some of my favorite pieces for display. I think by adding true blue to sunflower yellow, you would be channeling more of a French Provencal look, which I find quite appealing. Traveling extensively throughout Tuscany, I saw a palette more earthy, like the gamut of cream, yellow/gold, rusty oranges, orange/reds, brown/reds, deep browns and earthy green. Whatever you decide, I know it will be beautiful. I'm looking forward to PICS.

  2. Jeannette, you are right! Maybe French is what I have been going for all along, now that I think of it. I have decor with french writing on it hanging in the kitchen as we speak. Love your input! xoxox

  3. It's going to be amazing! I can't wait to see what you do-- oh, and I love the idea of blue and yellow. Definitely amongst my favorite kitchen colors!