Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Sweet 'Homa

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Happy Thursday, Lovelies!

So sorry for my lack of posting this week.  I barely have time to eat and sleep these days and throwing a trip back 'Homa (to Oklahoma - get it?!. hehe) into the mix for this weekend has made it impossible to gather my creativity to post!

Good news!  I will be back Monday and I have two super fun home projects to share.  They involve gutters and kitchens!  Get excited!!!

Wishing you a lovely weekend full of yummy food, fun times, football and those you love.



P.S. I am obsessing over thisThese came in yesterday (only mine are beige) and are even cuter in person than on the internet - yippie!!  I plan to use this AWESOME app to stare gaze sans light pollution.  Hopefully, this song comes on the radio while I am on a back road in my hometown (I am slightly embarrassed to admit that the song is growing on me).  I am going to eat here with my sister and her fiance while I am back home - super exciting!!


  1. I am simply overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of getting a big hug from my Lindsey! I have not seen her sweet face (in person), smelled her hair, touched her soft skin or given her a big mom hug since 8/26/11!!! I don't know how I will let go when it is time for her to return to her live in Santa Monica!
    Love the song which is perfect...... for those Oklahoma country roads filled with so many memories for you, my dear.

    Love beyond words,


  2. Love you too, mom! Can't wait to see you. :)