Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feel Good Wednesday - What Is Your Mantra?

I participated in a super fun training program with Exhale yesterday. (Super fun training program at work - who thought that was possible??!!) 

I think one of the reasons I found the training to be fun, was that it was also very inspiring.

We were asked near the beginning of the training to think of our personal mantra.  A word, phrase, or sentiment that we repeat in our head not only when the going gets tough, but also when we just need a reminder as to why we do what we do.  In personal life, work life, life in general.

Everyone wrote their mantra on a rock, and then placed their rock in a bag.  At the end of the training, we all reached into the bag and pulled out another person's rock and another person's mantra to take home. 

The picture of the rock above is the mantra I pulled out of the bag, Faith.  Sweet, simple, poignant.  A nice reminder for me to have faith in myself.

The mantra I wrote on my rock was Live in the Moment. Sound familiar?! Hehe.  Its also my new year's resolution.

A mantra written that I found very inspiring was Life begins outside of your comfort zone.  So true, right?

This got me to wondering, what are your personal mantras? Do you have a phrase, word, or sentiment that you repeat to yourself?

I'm so curious!



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