Thursday, January 12, 2012

Current Obsession - Hanging Vases

Image Source: West Elm

Image Source: West Elm

Image Source: West Elm
I find it super awesome / super funny that the moment Christmas and New Years is over, all the  magazines I read start touting about the coming of spring.  In most places in the country the bitterness of winter is just setting in, so maybe its a way for businesses to help people escape their frigged reality?

Nevertheless, I LOVE being inspired by all the fresh, crisp images of light colors and flowers.

I am currently obsessing over the many hanging vase options I'm seeing in my home decor magazines.

With the brick walls in my living room, I think hanging plants are just the thing I need to add light and life to an otherwise dark space.

Aren't the above vase selections from West Elem just awesome?!

My favorite are the bubble vases holding succulents.

Just thought I would share!

Have a lovely day!



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