Monday, December 12, 2011

What I Learned This Weekend - Flowers, Champagne, Pictures & Kitchen Cabinets

Happy Monday, lovelies!  I know its the end of the day and I am late with this post, but better late than never (especially on Mondays), right?!

This weekend was filled with two holiday parties, a holiday dinner celebration, sparkles, sparkles, wine and more sparkles.

I did manage to learn four new things this weekend in between the wine and sparkles.

First, flowers last longer when they are in a humid place.  (This is my theory, not a fact, mind you.)

See my roses above? Those are nine days old!!! Seriously?!  I was pondering how its possible that they lasted so long and then I realized that I placed them in the bathroom.  Is it possible that the humid air is giving them a longer life?! If you know the answer to this question, let me know (ahemmm Lauryl Lane).

Secondly, did you know that champagne is made from two red grapes and one white?  I would have never guessed! 

Speaking of champagne...what is your favorite champagne?!  Do you prefer champagne, sparking wine, blanc de blanc, rose?

Mine is Billiecart Salmon.  It doesn't leave that champagne-bad-breath or a hang over! Holla!

 Thirdly, I learned that being in front of the camera isn't soooooo bad. (Especially when you make AUTOMATIC friends with the photographer.) 

Side note: I had to have a few shots taken in order to pick out a picture for the Exhale website (my bio and picture are up on the site now, meaning that I am really going to be a Core Fusion teacher soooooooo soon!!!)

Anyway, I thought I would share the amazing work that Shannon Lee did for me.  She is too good to not share.

Lastly, this weekend I learned that kitchen cabinets can be a pretty place to hang your holiday cards!  A little ribbon, some paperclips - why not put them in a place where you can enjoy the beauty?!

I just LOVE when holiday cards start to come in.  I love the joy and beauty they bring to my home.  (And, let's be honest, I love that people remember Christopher and I during this oh so special season.)




  1. Humidity... hmm. For some flowers, humidity is a happy thing (tropicals like orchids, some roses, etc.). For other flowers (anything soft), humidity is the devil. So it just depends. Nine days is a LONG time for any flower to last, although again, tropicals will last much longer than soft flowers. I'm guessing those roses of yours are from Ecuador-- they are engineered to be long-lasting.

    LOVE the image of you-- SUCH a great shot! So glad that you and Shannon were instant friends. Did you ever end up doing a wedding album with her? Hope so! xoxo