Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's My Friday, I'm In Love....With...

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I love that it incorporates neighborhood / family bonding & recycling.

Smart + fun = awesome.

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...this dress.
OMG.  I have finally found my perfect dress for a black tie wedding I have coming up in June.  I already booked an appointed with my dress maker.  This dress party is getting started.  I am not sure if I will do black or red.  Decisions, decisions!! (At least they are fun ones!!) 

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....these flowers.
These bunches remind me of spring, happiness and our wedding!!

I can hardly believe that its nearly time to start planning our 1 year anniversary. 

Lovelies, its official.  My offer letter is signed, sealed, delivered.  My first class is today at 4pm.

 I am a Core Fusion teacher and I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!

With my teaching schedule, family in town, and festivities to partake in, I may or may not be posting between now and next Monday.  So, I wish you all a wonderful, cozy, yummy, very happy Christmas.




  1. LOVE that dress and you will look amazing in it because you have the best back I've ever seen. No lie. Congrats on being a core fusion teacher- that's so exciting! Wish I could be there to take one of your classes. Have a beautiful Christmas- much love to you and Chris! xoxo

  2. So much love to you and Sammy! Have a WONDERFUL and snowy, white Christmas! xoxoxoxoxo