Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love...With...

 .....Thanksgiving leftover bubble and squeak for two.

The rutabagas were actually super delicious with eggs! apple pie waiting to be baked.

Guess what, this is the first apple pie I ever made! 

 ..festive table settings.

I reused my candle idea found on this post, but I filled the bottom of the glasses with citrus and squash this time!

Image Source:
...Pottery Barn's gift of the day!

So, I realized during my online holiday shopping this week that Pottery Barn is doing this awesome promotion where every day they are discounting one potential gift!  Yesterday it was cozy throws, today is holiday pillow covers.  I love a good deal and this is a goooooooooood deal a day!

Lovelies, I am soooo excited for this weekend!  Our living Christmas tree is being delivered Saturday morning (by delivery elves! I hope they come dressed up like elves, that would make my day!!), our holiday party is Sunday afternoon, and I am nearly done with my Core Fusion Teacher Training! woooohoooo!  I am heading for a date night with Chris tonight for margaritas and to pick up a dress for holiday parties this year.  Check it out here.  I am so in love with the color and back, I could die.  Hopefully, I will get to a bedroom project involving these before my guests arrive on Sunday.  I will definitely take pics to show you!

What is on your agenda for the weekend?!



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