Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feel Good Wednesday - EcoATM

This is the EcoATM located in the Westside Pavaillion in Westwood.

It is a super awesome machine that gives you cash for your old electronics. Awesome right? (Especially to a girl who left her Iphone 3 at the Apple Store when I upgraded because I didn't know I could get cash back!)

My super sweet huz, Chris, took these pictures for me when he deposited his phone into the machine last weekend.

It works like this:

You take your old phone to the machine and touch the screen to begin.  Follow directions!

Then, you place your phone in the little box for it to be scanned (the external part of the phone) for damage.

The machine will then ask you to plug your phone in to be internally scanned!

Then, you get your result!

Chris got $41 for his two year old, refurbished Iphone 3!  I think that's pretty amazing, right?!

Here is the EcoATM website!  Check to see if there is a location near you!  You know you want to make money and recycle. :)



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