Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Dinner In a Little Space

That is my dining room. (This was taken before the holiday season, so its much more festive now).

It's little, but cozy and Christopher and I have shared so many special dinners and memories here that we can't help but love every square inch of it (there aren't many inches, hehe).

Our quaint and cozy dining room can pose problems when we try to host dinner parties.  We lack dining space with our seating-for-four round table and we lack space in general in the dining area. 

We hosted Thanksgiving last year and managed to squeeze six excited bodies around little roundy (that's my table's nickname, in case you were wondering).  This year, we are hosting Christmas dinner and are challenged to figure out a way to elegantly serve seven people.

I am very positive that little roundy won't do the job this year, so I am trying to think of other ways to serve my guests.

Possible Serving Ideas:
  • Move our desk into the dining room and use it as the table.  It's long and rectangular, however, I am not sure it will even fit!
  • Move our desk into the living room and move our living room furniture somewhere else in the house, for a living room Christmas dinner.  Our tree is in the living room, so that would be something pretty to look at while we eat.
  • Have an adult table (little roundy) and a kid table (coffee table).  Chris and I would sit at the kid table since we will be the youngest at dinner!  This idea seems to defeat the purpose of all dining and celebrating together, but hey! I'm trying over here.
  • Add a fold out table as an extension to little roundy.  I could get two matching table cloths and have an eclectic mix of tables for dinner.
Any other ideas?!  How do you solve your serving dilemma when you have multiple guests in town?!  I am not going to lie, I have pondered setting up Christmas dinner outside!  We live in SoCal, so if there was ever a place to have Christmas dinner outside, we live in it!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!




  1. I would go to Lowe's and buy one of those oblong folding tables (about $40) to seat all 7. It will fit nicely in that area and should extend to just about your front door opening. Because of the width, it would NOT block your kitchen entry. After your holiday meal, fold the legs and put away. Can be used for so many things outdoor and indoor. A fantastic investment!

  2. We just had this difficulty hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 11... we ended up putting together two long tables in our basement. We wanted to eat outdoors, but weren't sure what the weather would do. In the end we had cocktails on the patio but ate dinner inside (for the best, it definitely got colder as the sun set). I'd say eat outside! Or you can always rent a table...