Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Learned This Weekend - Root Veggies, Apples & Home Accessories

Happy Monday, lovelies!  I just finished my Christmas blend, there is a crispness to the air that tells me the holidays are really here, and its a short week = yippie!!  Aren't you excited, too?!

So, the first thing I learned this weekend is that root vegetables are numerous and very similar looking!  I starred at the pile of Horseradish root and a Rutabaga at Whole Foods for about 10 minutes this weekend until I finally figured out which was which!  (Don't make fun of me, but I also confused fennel and leek a few weeks back!  Whoops!)

We are making two small game hens with root vegetables as the center of our Thanksgiving feast this year, thus the need for Rutabaga.  Chris and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving just-the-two-of-us style, so making a whole Turkey seemed a little silly.  We will be using a version of this Tom Keller recipe to make our hens and veggies, in case you are curious.  Our menu also includes garlic smashed potatoes, a cranberry salad, and homemade dinner rolls (my first time trying to make them from scratch!).  I am most excited for the Pumpkin Pie cupcakes I'm making as dessert! (I think Chris is more excited for his apple pie).

The second thing I learned this weekend is that simply changing up the accessories in the rooms in your home can bring a whole new feeling and excitement to the room! Bonus, using accessories you already own  = spending little to no money!

Since I added my lovely pomegranate drawing to my bedroom, I have wanted to change up everything else sitting on my dresser.  I added our A (used to sit in the living room), a beautiful vase (wedding gift from a dear friend) filled with purple and red wild flowers (another living room piece), and moved around other existing dresser items, Viloa! I now have a new design and love for the space!

The final thing I learned this weekend is that apples really make me happy!

Since I have an apple pie on my Thanksgiving dessert list, I had to buy a ton of apples this weekend.  They add a bit of fall fun to my citrus bowl and also add a smile to my face. Win-win situation!

I hope you have a fantastic short week and I'm curious, what is on your Thanksgiving menu?!



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  1. I simply L-O-V-E your blogs. They are so different, provide scads of information and consistently show that you will NEVER grow weary of "learning something new" every day! What an enjoyable read..... as usual.