Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Card Book

As of this weekend, I had been starring at a box of wedding & engagement cards for over 7 months.  I knew there was NO WAY I could throw these out or let them sit in a box, so I made them into our very own wedding card book!

To me, cards are kind of like art...beautiful, meaningful, but you often times just don't know where to display in your home.

After coming up with this theory (cards = art), I decided that I had two choices when displaying my wedding cards. 1) Make a huge, obnoxious, framed collage mess. 2) Make my card art visible and easy to access, but not in your face....a book!

I made our wedding card book in about 1 hour and am so happy with the outcome!

Supplies Needed: Wedding cards (or other cards that you want to save), Journal Kit, Pretty paper  (for the front and back cover of your book), Book Cloth, PVA Glue, Sponge brush, Scissors, Paper score tool 

I started by gluing each individual card to a page in the journal.  Note! When using PVA glue and gluing to thin paper, its important to start with the glue on the inside of the page and use a sponge brush to brush the glue around the whole surface. (That way there are no glue or air bubbles).  Another note, I left 3 pages at the front and back of the journal open before I glued my cards down.  I knew the very first and very last pages would be glued to the covers, but thought the additional pages would be a nice buffer should something go wrong.

All my cards glued into my book!

Once all the cards were glued down, I cut a piece of pretty paper to fit the front and back covers of the book, and glued the paper down (Same gluing method as with the cards.).  Note! You only need the paper to cover one side of the cover and then about an inch around the other side, since the very first and last pages of the book will cover the inside of the front of back covers.

After the paper set to the cover, I used a paper scoring tool to score the edges of the book cover so they would look nice and clean.  Then, I glued those edge flaps down. Note!  I made little trianges at the corners so that the edges would look nice and lay flat.  It was a little tricky.

Final front cover.

Both covers!

Then, I glued the covers to the front and back inside pages of the book.  This part was pretty interesting.  I wish I had hints as to how to perfectly align the covers, but I really just eye-balled it.

Both covers glued.  Time to bind!

After the covers were done, I cut the book binding cloth to fit the book. For me, this meant cutting enough cloth so that about two inches covered the front and back covers. (You may want more or less binding covering the front and back of your book, so just cut to your taste.)

All I did to seal the binding was use the PVA glue on the book binding cloth and very carefully place the cloth across the side of the book, binding it to the two covers. I then covered the book with about 10 super heavy books and let it dry overnight.

Our wedding card book!  Isn't it pretty?! 

I was really excited about the cover paper I found because its the exact same paper that we used on our wedding invites (which I also made!)  And!  Choosing brown for the book binding cloth really goes with our natural, vineyard theme.  I love that I can relive our wedding so easily through this beautiful book (that was so easy to make!)

What do you think, lovelies?  What did you do with your wedding cards?!  What will you do?




  1. I think you are incredibly talented!!!!!! And, incredibly creative!

  2. Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning. Well done on producing such a beautiful wedding cards.

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