Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vanilla Sugar

One of my very favorite things about Saturday mornings is sharing coffee over breakfast and conversation with my one and only.  There is just something so wonderful about the sound of the whistling kettle and water sloshing over fresh ground coffee in a french press; and the first happy sip - what a way to start the weekend.  Don't you agree?

The only thing missing from this picture for me (until I discovered Vanilla Sugar) was the slight hint of vanilla flavor that I found in my weekday coffee from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.  I live for that weekday morning vanilla happiness.

My weekend vanilla coffee woes were solved the day Chris and bought our scooter.  We purchased the Vino off an ADORABLE French / Swiss (what a combo, right?!) couple who kindly offered us espresso while we were filling out the purchasing papers.  I was immediately taken aback by the vanilla scent that filled the room when the wife opened a cabinet door to fetch sugar she had offered.  She walked over and handed us a little bowl of sugar with a vanilla bean in it.  Super excited about the vanilla possibility in front of me, I asked if that little bean had produced the scent.  She affirmed and also told me to taste the coffee with the sugar in it.  Vanilla-y Delicious.

My weekend coffee problem was solved.  Leave it to the French / Swiss to change my weekend coffee life!

Producing vanilla sugar is super easy and delicious.  It adds a subtle flavor of vanilla to anything you add sugar too - coffee, cakes, cookies, you name it.

Vanilla Sugar

1/2 cup organic or raw sugar (I think the organic or raw sugar takes on the flavor of the vanilla better)
1 vanilla bean or more if you wanna to get vanilla crazy!

Place your sugar in a serving bowl and add vanilla bean.  Done. (The longer the bean sits in the sugar, the more vanilla flavored your sugar will become.)

See how to make homemade vanilla extract here!

I am such a sucker for vanilla.



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  1. Yes, you have always loved the smell of vanilla! Should anyone ever be stumped on any type of gift for you, they only need to think vanilla.