Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Series! - What I Learned This Weekend - Bubble & Squeak For One

Lovelies, today I am starting a new Monday series - What I learned this weekend. 

I find that most Mondays I want to share something new and exciting that I learned / bought / made over the weekend, but then I post about Mother Earth.  I love the Earth, but I also like to change things up, so I decided that I will switch up my Monday series!  I hope you enjoy!

So, this weekend I learned that Bubble and Squeak for one is still fun!  What is bubble and squeak, you may be asking? 

Well, on Saturdays, Chris and I take our leftovers from the week (those that are at least semi-reasonable for breakfast anyway) and toss them in a pan, usually with a little oil and onion.  We then crack one egg for each person having breakfast on top of the leftover and delicious mess.  Its normally two eggs for us!  We cover the pan and let the egg cook and then serve up our bubble and squeak breakfast.  Its called bubble and squeak because if you stand by the pan and watch and listen as the food cooks, that's what the food does! It bubbles and it squeaks!

This Saturday, I was up super early for training and I had bubble and squeak for one while Chris slept.  My leftovers were the second half of a vegetable tostada from Lares that I couldn't finish last week, topped with one egg.  Its was fantastic.  I forget that enjoying breakfast and the morning alone can be quite peaceful sometimes.

Do you do bubble and squeak?  What do you call it?!  Will you start now?

Happy Monday!



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  1. While I have "squeaked" many meals out of leftovers, I had never heard of bubble and squeak! Never to old to learn AND, always a wonderful thing when I can learn something from my own child.