Monday, November 7, 2011

Mother Earth Monday - Time Change / Season Change LOVE!

Call me weird, but I love it when we "fall back".  I love the extra hour of sleep. I love winter light. I love the sun up bright and early to greet me as I start my day (my day starts at 6:00am!). I love coming home as the sun sets, lighting homey scented candles, and filling the air with the smell of comfort food on chilly fall & winter nights.

I captured the picture of the lemons on our dining room table on Sunday (late morning) and I can feel the winter light and crisp air when I look at it.

Falling back also officially signifies that the season has changed (YAY!).  Southern California has even been chilly the past few days, prompting me to break out my new-to-me, over-sized grandpa sweater.  I love cozy dressing in over-sized knits in the fall.  I also love to swipe shirts and sweaters from Chris's closet to snuggle in as I go about my day.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for giving us fall and winter.

Are you so excited about the crisp weather?  Any fall outfits that you have been dying to break out?!



P.S. Check out this post about green entertaining.
P.S.S. Chris was super busy this weekend, so he will be posting his honey-do post today!

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